Florian D. Schneider

  • Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung
    Biodiversität und Klima - Forschungszentrum (Bik-F)
    Senckenberganlage 25
    60325 Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY
  • telephone: +0049-69-7542-1914
  • fd.schneider@senckenberg.de

I am an environmental scientist working on biodiversity and ecological complexity @Bik-F, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, for the senate commission on biodiversity research of the german research council (DFG).

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23 February 2016

Grazing paper featured on F1000 Prime

Access the recommendation on F1000

Our paper on spatially heterogeneous pressure and catastrophic shifts has been reviewed by Donald DeAngelis and Simeon Yurek for F1000 Prime. Unlike our article, the review is behind a paywall, but maybe your university has a subscription.

10 January 2016

Paper on size-structured biodiversity approaches online

Our synthesis paper of the SIZEMIC network on body-size ecology has been published online early on Biological Reviews! The paper proposes a size-based approach to biodiversity.