Florian D. Schneider

Dr. rer. nat.

I am an ecologist and environmental scientist working on biodiversity valuation and ecological transformation. Researcher at ISOE Institute for Social-ecological Research in Frankfurt, Germany and a freelance lecturer, researcher and developer.

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I'm also an environmental artist and sci-art communicator. Since 2018, I've been making land-art and eco-art works on my own or in collaborations with other artists. I have a particular fondness for moss. I promote and support collaborations between natural sciences and the arts.

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16 December 2019

Community-based trait-ontologies

This October, I was presenting the Ecological Trait-data Standard Vocabulary (ETS) at the Biodiversity Next conference in Leiden, Netherlands. The Ecological Trait-data Standard Vocabulary (ETS) and the scope of the Open Traits Network (OTN) plans to develop ontologies for trait data fit in nicely. I summarized my thoughts in a blogpost.
All of these ideas should be taken as suggestions. The sole purpose of this draft is to provide a first vision and spark a discussion for the OTN strategy towards trait ontologies.

30 August 2019

Global Nomadic Art Project

I’m really happy that I can participate again in an art project this year. The Global Nomadic Art Project Germany currently takes place in Darmstadt with the title ‘Nature Art Fieldworks’, with more than 20 artists from all over the world. They visit 14 places in Darmstadt and the surroundings to have a dialogue with nature. I was invited to join as a ‘science expert’ and as an artist.