Florian D. Schneider

Moss works

by  Florian D. Schneider

These pieces of Nature Art were made during Global Nomadic Art Project Germany 2019, at Neunkircher Höhe and Schloss Lichtenberg.

Around this place, moss is thriving. It was the perfect canvas, …

… and the perfect etching ground.

I found the moss covered rocks so intruiging, so permanent and ancient, that I felt that I needed to build a totem to worship it.

The Moss patches felt dry and suddenly I held it in my hand. A wonderfully shaped object. It turned out to be a spooky mask.

(composed and photographed by Gunjan Tyagyi)

I felt like I wanted to clad myself into an armour of moss.

(photographed by Daniel Schoessler)

But despite the safety it provided, I had to give it back to the rocks.

at Global Nomadic Art Project, Germany, 2019
04 September 2019
All photographs on this page Ⓒ 2019 Florian D. Schneider.