Florian D. Schneider

Hole in Deep Time

by  Florian D. Schneider & Nina Queissner

With the help of massive Explosives, rock has been excavated in industrial scale, leaving an opening into a lost world. A section into earth history. A window into ‘deep time’, long before the evolution of higher life forms on earth: the layers of rock are billions of years old, risen from the depth of the earth mantle.

After the abandonment of the quarry, it has been recolonised. The open cliffs and inaccessibility to humans attract falcon, bats, and the rare eagle owl. Plants arrive from close by and from far across the world and reclaim the ground, compete for it, and establish a new kind of equilibrium. A novel ecosystem emerges.

The Anthropocene is the era of human-nature. It requires a new rooting of our concepts. We expose ourselves to the ‚Hole in deep time‘. A dialogue that brings forth patterns and recordings, reports, discussions, interpretations, declarations of love, syntheses. In these stories, the hole in deep time – as a human-nonhuman-collective – becomes self-aware.

On exhibition at the 2020 Geumgang Nature Art Biennale Video Exhibition, August - November 2020, Yeonmisan Nature Art Park, Korea; organised by Korean Nature Artists’ Association - YATOO

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Troubled Water

A school of fish engaging in interspecies-communication with a human at an abandoned quarry in Germany.

Life Raft

A man-made wooden structure that has been colonised by moss, trees and geese as a habitat, now pushed around by the winds at an abandoned quarry in Germany.


A left-behind dinghy that has been subject to human vandalism/artistic expression, now pushed around by the winds at an abandoned quarry in Germany.

video & sound fieldrecordings
29 June 2020
All photographs on this page Ⓒ 2020 Florian D. Schneider.